Originally from Boone, North Carolina, a small college town in the southern Appalachian Mountains, for the past several years I have been living in Boston, Massachusetts, where I am currently studying International Affairs and Middle East Studies as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University.

As an avid writer, I began this blog during my experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the summer of 2015 as part of Northeastern University’s “Dialogue of Civilizations” program, which studied the then-20 year old conflict. This site has since evolved into a place for all of my thoughts while traveling abroad, whether it be on a university program, international internship, or simply independent wanderings.

In addition to writing, traveling, and hiking, I read constantly, with Kerouac, Steinbeck, and Hemingway being personal favorites. I am also quite the news junky, and spend as much time reading The New York Times, Atlantic, Washington Post and Foreign Policy as I do novels, short stories, and travel journalism on Roads and Kingdoms and National Geographic.

In addition to English, I speak conversational Spanish, and am in the process of learning both Arabic and French.

Dana Valley, Jordan, July 2016

One thought on “About

  1. Devan, I am your mother’s cousin. I have not kept up with family as I should and would like. I happened to see your writing on Facebook as it was shared. I read your blog and I have to tell you that I am truly impressed. I would love to follow your adventures! Also, I will pray for you and your safety. God bless!! Lisa


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